A Shopping and Delivery Service for
  the Santa Barbara Farmers Market
Hello Friends,
As of May 9th Market Zen is going on an indefinite hiatus while we pursue other projects. We thank everyone who supported us throughout this fun adventure and hope you can continue to choose local sustainable food. Our dollar is our vote! Wishing you Peace, Love, and Veggies!

Can't make it to the farmer's market but still want to enjoy the same selection, quality of goods, and all the benefits of farmer's market shopping?

Market Zen can do the shopping for you to your very specifications and then deliver the bounty right to your door!

Buying your food from the farmer's market is great for so many reasons: reducing carbon emissions by buying local, supporting small farmers that protect green sp
aces and use more sustainable farming practices, stimulating the local economy, and getting the absolute freshest and yummiest produce!

You select what you would like at the market from a long list of seasonal produce and other goodies and come Saturday we do the shopping. Your order is delivered to your door a few hours after the close of the market on Saturday. We include a receipt with information about which farm your produce came from

75 cents from every Market Zen delivery will be donated to one of these awesome nonprofits doing amazing work towards a more sustainable and compassionate food system.

The Community Alliance with Family Farmers
 Supporters of small farmers and sustainable agriculture in California

Farm Sanctuary
 Advocates for protection and compassion toward farm animals

The Santa Barbara Food Bank

 Ending hunger in Santa Barbara County

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